About Us

Dog Breeders for German Shepherds – VON DER JUGPROM was founded in 2014 and registered with the FCI under the number 5661.
It is located in the south of Serbia, the city of Leskovac.
VON DER JUGPROM deals with breeding and selling puppies as well as mature females and males of German shepherd breed.

We are constantly offering puppies, young and mature dogs, obtained by mating top-level, champion bloodlines.

In our Dog Breeding Company we recruited people with years of experience in breeding this wonderful breed.

VON DER JUGPROM owns a professional facility for keeping and breeding dogs with extra terrain for training in the area of 1 ha.

Dog Breeding Company VON DER JUGPROM delivers sold dogs in Europe and all over the world through its agents, while the delivery in the territory of Serbia is free of charge.

The desire of all employees in the Dog Breeding Company VON DER JUGPROM is that this company grows into the leading one both within the country and the wide region.